PEMRA, Please stop airing food and drink commercials on TV during Ramazan


Dear Government of Pakistan, please stop airing food and drink commercials on TV during Ramzan hours. I know your channels, the same channels praising Ramzan Ordinance, can’t live without sponsors, but you are actually hurting our feelings with sheer commercialization of food items. Please also put a ban on Masala and Zauq Food channels, 40% of people with stunted growth and about 50% of those living with food insecurity feel offended by it. Please remove the billboards featuring McDonald’s and KFC food deals, the daily wage labor working arduously in the heat of the day will also get offended. And also please put a ban on all the filthy designer boutiques that pious rich ladies frequent for their lavish iftaar parties, because those women who can’t afford a pair of shoes for their children on Eid will also feel offended. But you will never do that. Because it is just your privileged sentiments that matter more than people whom you leave devoid of adequate or even near to adequate resources. After all, it is the poor who need to be patient during Ramzan, not you. Courtesy: Zeeba Hashmi


The problem of economically and socially disadvantaged offenders is one of the most perplexing issues in sentencing. It is a worldwide phenomenon that people from disadvantaged backgrounds are convicted of more crimes and sentenced to imprisonment than other people. It has been suggested that this often occurs for reasons that are not within the control of disadvantaged offenders. The potentially unfair manner in which the criminal justice system operates against offenders from deprived backgrounds, and their over representation in the criminal justice system, has proven to be a complex problem, devoid of a clear solution. It has even led to some of the most eminent commentators on punishment to retract or re-think their theories of punishment.


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