NAB in Action After Decades, Arrests Culprits in Rs.25 Billion Land Grabbing


The National Accountability Bureau(NAB) Karachi, amid a progression of raids in Karachi and Rawalpindi in last two days, captured three blamed needed in a land grabbing.

Brig (retd.) Iftikhar Haider, Managing Director Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) was arrested from Rawalpandi where as Syed Omar Ahmed Managing Director News One and Shahid Rasool from Karachi, said a NAB press release issued on Tuesday.

The accused were needed in an investigation on the charges of illegal portion of 25 acres government land of Evacuee Property Trust situated at Deh Okewari, which is claimed by the KWSB. The said arrive was unlawfully allocated by accused Gul Hassan Channa, the then Secretary RS&EB, Board of Revenue, Government of Sindh.

Blamed Iftikhar Haider was charged for giving ownership of land to the illicit,  regardless of realizing that the land had a place with the KWSB. Though blamed Syed Omar Ahmed and Shahid Rasool were charged for being the illicit recipients of the land which is worth Rs. 25 billion.

Land was illicitly dispensed in year 1995 while subsequent transaction of illegal sale purchase by unlawful recipients continued till 2008, Accused Syed Omar Ahmed and Shahid Rasool will be delivered before the Accountability Court at Karachi for physical remand, whereas accused Brig (retd) Iftikhar Haider after the travel remand.


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