Lenovo Ready To Launch Bezel-less Mobile


Lenovo is reportedly launching a smartphone with no bezels. A new teaser has been released by a Lenovo executive indicating that a ‘full screen’ smartphone is in the offing. Going by the teaser, this new device will probably not sport the notch display and go for the true blue ‘full screen’ display. The teaser image also reveals that the new Lenovo smartphone may be launched on June 14, 2018.

The teaser was posted by Lenovo Group Vice President Chang Cheng on Weibo. A portion of the display is seen in the teaser image hinting that Lenovo may not opt for the notch to house all the sensors. The full screen smartphone has not been given a name yet, but presumably more will be revealed running up to the unveil. Cheng claims that by removing the camera, bezels, and antennas; Lenovo was able to achieve more than 95 percent screen to body ratio for this upcoming smartphone.


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