First Sikh Reporter of Pakistan


Newly launched Hum News has employed Pakistan’s first female reporter from Sikh community. Manmeet Kaur from Peshawer has joined Hum News on Saturday May,12. She is post graduate in social sciences from University of Peshawer.

She will report on matters of human rights, local communities, minorities and non governmental organizations. Talking to reporters in Lahore she said although media is not her field of education but she accepted the job prove her self, In Pakistan most of Sikh girls sit at their homes after completing education. She emphasized her community to step into the practical field.

She added that she wants to serve her nation as journalist and want to show world that Sikh woman are also very talented. She said that talented people no matter which community or creed or caste or religion they belong to are always given honor and treated with respect.

People belonging to minorities are being given equal opportunities and platforms for providing their talents in Pakistan.


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