Buying Policy of Big Media Groups Will Effect Modest Channels


Big media houses have come up with new policy for advertisements during ramazan transmissions which will have adverse effect on small channels.

Some reliable media sources revealed that Starcom Group have joined hands with Bol News, acquired all their advertising slots. In response to Starcom; Group M has taken all slots from Express News and Geo News with promised business of approx. 700 million rupees. These big media houses will give all their client adverts to these channels as the first option and very small portion of business will be distributed among the other small channels. Sales persons of small channels are upset that this strategy will badly the business of their channels. These paltry channels are already suffering due to lower rates pricing and will now suffer more. Not only small but big channels will also hit by this media sales monopoly including Dunya News, 24 News, 92 News, Neo News, Aaj News, Din News, News One, KTN, AVT Khyber, AbbTak and 7 News.


Media houses will now transfer all their clients budget to big three channels, BOL, Geo and Express. Ramazan and eid transmissions are considered to be prime time of the year to milk maximum business and sales teams engage and start plannings months before ramazan. This year channels might face revenue shortages due to media giant’s policies.


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