Advertisement Budgets Make Media Biased


The NAB has formally launched investigation against Bahria Town’s Karachi, Rawalpindi and Lahore housing projects in the light of the orders of the Supreme Court.

Chairman NAB Justice (retd.) Javed Iqbal has directed the officials the complete investigation within three months as ordered by the apex court.

Since the Supreme Court is actively following the proceedings of Bahria Town’s Karachi scam, the media department of Bahria town has actively launched their documentary targeting the emotions of people of Pakistan. The documentary highlights the Bahria Town’s CSR work covering Free meals for the people of Pakistan to the health facilities at Bahria Hospitals. They have picked almost all news channels for the airing of this documentary except Dawn, 92HD News and Samaa TV. There is a hidden brief to the channels who are airing the documentary that they won’t run any news package against Bahria Town, neither they will conduct any talk show targeting Bahria Town Karachi.

But Daily Dawn, Dawn Newspaper, Samaa News and 92 HD News has done reporting against this scam and even has conducted special talk shows on this scam. But some reliable sources say that Dawn news and Daily Dawn is doing all against Bahria beacuse Bahria media team couldn’t finalize a deal with Dawn group due to some rate issues.

Also the sources claim that 92HD News didn’t get any advertising budget so they in reaction doing all negative propaganda against Bahria Town. But after contacting 92 News marketing department, they simply declined the claim of Bahria Town.

Samaa news also doing prime time shows against Bahria Town and surprisingly there is no Bahria Town business on Samaa too. So, the question rises, are they doing shows against Bahria for not getting business.

So we can see a clear split in media, those channels that are airing Bahria advertisement documentary, they are supporting Bahria Town Pvt. Ltd., and no negative comments or criticism is passed from their side on the other hand TV channels Samaa, 92-News and Dawn news do not have any Bahria’s advertisement film or campaign share so criticism and investigation news are being published.

No clear vision can be established, is it due to business and profits that media is biased or the one’s who are opposing and airing news of Bahria’s investigation also looking forward for their share of business(advertisement).

It’s pitiful situation that we are divided by our profits.


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