125 Years Old Pair Levis Sold


The vintage look just got a mess more costly. A purchaser in Southeast Asia has obtained a pair of 125 year old Levis for nearly $100,000.

Furthermore, you thought your pants cost a pretty penny.

The pants, initially purchased in 1893 by Solomon Warner, a vendor in the Arizona Territory, have a radically unexpected look in comparison to the present Levis. Warner’s pants had yet a solitary back pocket, a catch fly and no waist bands recollect, men supported a decent arrangement of suspenders some time ago.

The denims, estimate 44 with a 36-inch inseam, recommend that Warner was no little man.

Warner, it turns out, had a brilliant history that had nothing to do with his pants. He built up one of the principal stores offering American dry products in Tucson, and survived being shot by Apaches in 1870.

The pants were in great condition when they were acquired not long ago in light of the fact that Warner had just worn them a couple of times before winding up sick.

The personality of the purchaser and the correct measure of the deal have stayed under wraps, in light of the fact that the Levis were sold through a private deal and not by auction.


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