Police busted a dance party in Islamabad, 40 arrested including 22 Girls


On Saturday Islamabad police raided a farmhouse of Raja Kamran on Bhara Kahu road where a dance party was ongoing and took into custody around forty people, including twenty two women.

As per the reports of a local news channel, about 22 girls and 18 boys were arrested from the farmhouse near Bhara Kahu area in Islamabad. Bottles of alcohol, Rave pills and Cocaine were also grabbed during the raid.

A video that was obtained by the news channel reveals that some of the arrested women were complaining of injuries they received as they were manhandled by the police officials during the raid.

However, as per the police, some of the arrested ones have received minor injuries as they were misbehaving with the on-duty officials and were resisting the arrest. The arrested girls are at the moment kept at the Bhara Kahu police station.

The previous year, Islamabad police raided a dance party in the area of G-5 and at least around fifty people were arrested.

The raid orders were given by the Assistant Commissioner—Capt. (Retd.) Shoaib Ali. According to the police officials, many men and women were dancing and playing on the beats of music on the loudspeakers and were also found other drugs.

Smoking and drinking both are severely injurious to health. And for the Muslims, alcohol is even prohibited in Islam. However, in present times the unfortunate scenario is that the nightlife of some of the Pakistani families is filled with activities like drinking, smoking, sheesha and stuff. This has even given a boost to the nightclubs and bars which do not operate during daytime but functions fully underground in the darkness of night.

Liberty is good, and everyone must have it, but forgetting the basics that separate one from another in terms of religion should not be taken that casually.


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