PEMRA to stop Nawaz Sharif, Maryam Nawaz and Capt (R) Safdar from media talk outside accountability court


In lieu of the former premier Nawaz Sharif’s anti-judiciary remarks outside an accountability court in Islamabad, the Judicial Activism Panel head has sent a notice to the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulation Association (PEMRA) which seeks to ban all such speeches.

Advocate Izhar Siddiq sent the notice to PEMRA in order to put a stop to anti-judiciary marks, especially outside any accountability court, reported a local news channel.

“All talks pertaining to state institutions which have been broadcasted need to be owned and dealt with by the PEMRA,” reads the notice and further advises, “PEMRA needs to consider banning Nawaz, Maryam and others’ media talks after every accountability hearing.”

In February, the Ministry of Information’s federal secretary, PEMRA and other organisations were sent a notice over airing anti-judiciary speeches given by Nawaz by the Islamabad High Court (IHC).

It was brought to the top judiciary’s attention that the speeches made by the leaders of the ruling party and other influential people were undermining functions of government departments.

“Speeches against the top judiciary and its departments affect the check-and-balance power of the courts,” said the complaint and asked PEMRA and other concerned organisations to stop airing such content.


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