Malala… Between The Lines: #iamMalala vs #iamnotMalala


The proud daughter of Pakistan Malala Yousafzai visited Pakistan and the unstoppable tsunami of posts started on the social media. Whenever I viewed my fb page I saw every post on her (either against or in favor). Saw people advocating her and replying in very harsh manner to those who are not in the favor of her narrative or the ones who simply hate her like extremists. I found some of Shia community people against her who are also the victims of (TTP) the same takfiri clan. Their enemies are same but they are not on one page. What does it mean and what it reflects? The answer is very simple. The hidden beard is everywhere and the personality centered hero worshiping approach is more prominent than the philosophy. So let’s not talk about those who hate her or the TTP apologists or Dr Afia Sidiqui lovers. But is this attitude justified or even considered to be the normal that anyone differs to her narrative is a criminal or extremist? Certainly not, in fact it’s just another extreme.

You see I was not present at Karbla fourteen hundred years back but I know the Hussainiat as symbol of resistance against the oppressor. Same is the case with Mullala she is a symbol of resistance against TTP but the point to ponder here is that who is following Hussain, the philosophy of Hussain and last but not the least the path the spirit? Hussain was a legendry holy and spiritual figure for the Shia community so for most of them the philosophy is least important but what for Mallala? She is a little modern secular Muslim girl.

Do we want her to be saint for our prayers to be accepted by the God? The reaction found on my fb page from my friends is nor liberal neither balanced. In fact they are doing disservice to the liberal secular philosophy. Their reactionary and extremist mood is making a common Pakistani an enemy of Malala. With this attitude they are making her unpopular. And further more we should not close doors for more Mallalas like daughters while discussing her 24/7. Let the door remain open for other daughters of Pakistan to become as much inspirational or may be even more than her. Let’s not stop the train here. The flood of your posts is not doing any service but it becomes irritating that we don’t have any other issue, topic or problem. Let’s not even mind the reasonable decent criticism (other than TTP apologists) on her.

Let’s not make it a blasphemy issue. Just a day before Saudi prince admitted that they have done and favored Jihad on American request (however still not found any Saudi follower or their school of thought Mulla to be ashamed of it in Pakistan). One should always keep a margin of error. There is no doubt that she made us proud while having Nobel Prize and the whole west and America is praising and portraying her as symbol of resistance but what if tomorrow they call their decision a mistake like the Mujahedeen of cold war era? So let’s not stop the journey here, let’s not stuck rather find more and more proud daughters and sons of Pakistan.

A gun shot on Malala was big tragedy but the land is full of tragedies. So let it to be continued the exercise to give space to more and more enlightened daughters to stop the series of tragedies for the soft image of Pakistan. Fourteen hundred years ago Hussain had a fight against Yazid and the Muslims had not a hundred % consensus on that. They are still debating on that so let’s not continue that sectarian behavior. Just forget the TTP apologists they can never be ashamed of their blunders. Let’s move forward.


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