Banning the use of the word talaaq in TV plays: To say or not to say “Talaaq”?


I am amazed everyday by the innocence of one politician or the other. Have all the ignoramuses been born in our beautiful Pakistan… have we been lucky even this natural resource?

Banning the use of the word talaaq in TV plays… how sweet is that? Of course just by banning the unmentionable term, an end will be put to this “evil” practice. Are we to forget and ignore this important Islamic right that Allah has made permissible? Are we never to know that it takes a variety of forms, initiated by both the husband and the wife?

I say, teach the concept of talaaq along with other forbidden and taboo topics; at high school and college level; so that our youngsters learn about abroadminded and tolerant Islam. Let them understand the religious, legal and cultural implication of the act. Let them learn that it is not to be taken casually, in anger or wantonly…but in a most considered way, as is interpreted by Islamic jurisprudence.

How better to get this message across by gently, sensitively and realistically than by introducing it through this powerful media tool; the drama.Well done all TV channels that air plays where delicate issues are bravely approached. The hearts of Pakistanis are very liberal. Hearing the word talaaq on TV,most definitely, does notdeprive us of our sense of honour.

I say we read, research, ask questions, but at all costs listen not to these narrow minded, brain-dead individual. Their views are not only unnecessary, jaded, twisted but also humiliating. I take it upon myself to speak for all the people I know (men and women) who have gone through this abhorrent, always sad, often bitter and never forgotten experience… would we, not have come through it better.had we known more about the intricacies of talaaq?

Let’s have more drams to educate the masses on talaaq I say! Down with insensitivity!


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