More Women Come Forward And Details Sexual Abuse by Ali Zafar


There are thousands of people encouraging Meesha Shafi for speaking up, not just for herself but for the many young women and men who suffer at the hands of powerful people taking an advantage of their position to sexually exploit them. In last 20 hours more women come forward and share their worst experiences of their life with Showman Ali Zafar. An old tweet of Ali Zafar is making waves which clearly portrays that Meesha Shafi is 100% in her accusation against Ali Zafar.

However, Meesha Shafi opening up about her experience has prompted more women to come forward with their own experience with Ali Zafar. Till now Humna Zafar, Maham Javaid, Leena Ghani and Soofi have come forward and shared their experience with Ali Zafar.

Leena Ghani:

Hamna Raza:


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