Coca Cola Losing Its Cool Again – Zaalima Ki Thundi Campaign


Coca Cola and its team seem to have a fetish with chai and that revolves around having cups, which are technically needed to drink tea and coffee, but in Coca Cola’s new TVCs these cups are shown to drink Coke? What the actual eff!

The new joke from the Zaalima series is out and people are found laughing hard and at places not giving a tiniest fraction of attention to this weird concept of ad-making. Advertising team and Coca Cola’s brand team both are smoking weeds, that too of very obnoxious quality (that’s what people are saying – and I agree with their stance). Here’s is what I have to say about this new Thanda Ad (read: thandi juggat) of Coca Cola emphasizing on “Chai Ko Thand Kara De”.

Coca Cola’s new TVC seems like another senseless and mindless attempt on degrading and forcefully demeaning the emotions of Chai-lovers and trying to shift Pakistani Culture from drinking chai to Coca Cola. The creativity of this ad is brutally killed by all means, keeping a good looking guy and a girl in TVC (who endorsed chai and coffee etc. in the past) and then trying to prove that “Women are cooler and smarter than men” by proving them dumb – that’s not marketing sense; or is it? Note to brands: “Women empowerment is not about demeaning men or making them look fool – Moms and sisters are empowered as well but they never mock their kids and brothers”


The entire concept at first point is baseless, how can one compare a hot-drink with a cold-drink. This tvc shows how marketing and advertising agencies, along with the brand have forgotten the basic concept of sensibility taught in every principle of marketing and advertising class i.e. “don’t compare oranges with apples”

I wanted to have other professionals’ take on this Coca Cola’s Zaalima tvc so following are their responses;

Ambar – PR and Communication ManagerAmbar ahmed

“The concept is too far-fetched and makes no sense whatsoever. What do tea cups have to do with plants? Also, this obsession of brands trying to compete with Chai needs to stop. Whether it’s a hot or cold beverage, Chai has no competition with either of them, especially in a nation like Pakistan where tea is such an integral part of our culture. Coke needs to work on the storyline of their ads much more, because since the past few years, a lot of their ads have made no sense despite featuring big stars and beautiful locations. What a waste of a great opportunity!”

Wasi Hassan – Digital Marketing Manager


“Coca Cola is hell bent on being that ex that still wants to make things happen when the other party has clearly moved on. They’re obsessed with the Zaalima series and that is becoming stagnant. The ad sucks. The concept is beyond my understanding. What is Coke trying to promote here? Chai and coke? Chai ko thand kra day. How are these two things even related.The tag line is one of the worst that I’ve seen this year. Among the top 3 for me certainly.In short, the ad is a waste of budget, time, and digital space.I would never want this ad to be playing in front of me, ever again!”

Shajia – PR and Digital Marketing

Shajia Raza

“I see ad with lay man eyes since I am no pro. For me, this was made just for the sake of making. She lets an unknown guy enter her house without knowing him. A lot of money spent on production quality but not on the concept of it. Again, I’m no genius here to judge. Mere liye wo ads ache hain jo connect karen ya sense banaen. This had nothing for me, just like Mahira and Shahryar ad.See I love coke and their advertisement usually but their chai vs coke thing is just way over my head.These are two different beverages that one should not do the sin of comparing.”

So, what’s your take on Coca Cola’s Zaalima Chai Ko Thand Karade TVC?


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