The Chief Minister of Punjab Mian Muhammad ShehbazShairf today has departed for England for regular medical checkup of his cancer ailment. However, whenever he goes to England for this purpose, a severe criticism is done on CM Punjab that he instead of getting treatment within Pakistan, prefers to travel to London.



Sadly, once again this criticism has surfaced without knowing and understanding the original facts behind CM’s visit.


The CM Punjab was diagnosed with cancer whenhe and his brother Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif were exiled from Pakistan during Musharraf’s Martial Law regime, and therefore, he immediately started treatment of this dreadful disease from England. Now here, it is very important to understand that when an individual is fighting this horrible disease, it is highly recommended that he/she must continue or persist with the same doctor from whom the treatment has initiated, as that doctor has a complete medical history of that patient. That is why, the CM Punjab with enormous suffering has to visit his doctor in London, England time and again.


About this whole situation, the CM Punjab on 22nd July, 2015, also posted a detailed reply to this criticism through his official Facebook account.


A number of people asked a very valid question that Why do I visit London for my medical checkup … Dear Friends, I…

Posted by Mian Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday, July 22, 2015


This does not mean that Pakistan is not equipped with state of the art cancer medical facilities, it is this critical reason for which the CM has to frequently travel to England.


It is an evident fact that the Musharraf’s Martial Law regime brought a very tough time on the Sharif family, as in 2004, both brothers were not even allowed to visit Pakistan to perform burial of their father Mian Muhammad Sharif.



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