Ad in Review: Zong Team Going Bonkers Or What?


Brands are craving for attention and for this can go to any extreme, seriously. This might sound a bit funny but the term “brand” has lost its authenticity and repute. Today any Tom, Dick and Harry can come up with anything and start to call it a brand with a band of paid supporters on digital media and electronic media’s head referrals. The creativity and inventiveness in ideation seem to be found nowhere when executing the campaigns to promote such self-proclaimed brands. The advertising industry of Pakistan is going bonkers, blame it on the branding team or ad-filmmakers – everyone is trying to become as lame as possible by coming up with weird and zero-artistic concepts.


Recently, Zong’s new banner ad is anything but creative. It shows a hot AF girl getting a “4G” tattoo as if she thinks it’s Hrithik Roshan’s or Brad Pitt’s name. Some people think that showing this girl with a 4 G tattoo is all about women empowerment. They should be sent to school again for better education for broadening their mindset.

Zong Ad Comments


This is yet another campaign artwork with objectification of women and not an artwork that has substance (read: a concept). The typical client call of “ad mein larki chahye” is that sad truth most agencies struggle with and if they’re not able to present anything more worthwhile, they just go ahead with the brand’s tharak….. *disgusting*  

Shares – Faraz Ahmed

Not only that they have failed to communicate with Pakistani audience with their current 4g communication. It is a terrible ad overall.

Shares Bushhra Joyo

showcasing woman like puppet is empowerment – kamaal hai

Shares Mubashir Mehmood

Isko dekh k Tag line should be A 4G tatoo required for better connectivity. A Woman with 4G tatoo and that’s it ban gaya Ad ✌🏻. Zong should change their creative team. Otherwise kuch days baad mountain dew walay ads arahy hongy.

Shares Saad Subzwari

Zong-4G-Blog-ShafiqSiddiqui 1Zong-4G-Blog-ShafiqSiddiqui 2


I mean come on what kind of logic is that and who would have come up with such a concept? Plus, when a girl shared a picture on her Instagram account, a chai-wala sees it and creates a 4-G Jalaibee. These are nightmares to be honest.




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