9 things you should never put in your freezer


We tend to forget that the freezer is a modern marvel. In days of yore, you’d have to pay a king’s ransom just to get a handful of ice. Today, you can keep a pizza edible for months, and not bat an eye. As cool as the freezer is, there are items that if you put in there may pose a potential harm to you and your family. There are also items that just become disgusting after thawing. Finally, there are myths we encountered that are just strange.

Here’s how long your favorite foods will last in your freezer

1. Eggs in their shells

Putting eggs in the freezer can cause them to spoil.

While eggs pack a lot of protein, they’re 90 percent water. When you freeze an egg, that water content will expand and crack the shell. Once the shell is compromised, the second the eggs begin to thaw bacteria will get into the yolk, which could make you sick, according to the USDA.

2. Beer

Beer bottle can shatter if you freeze them.

Just like with champagne, beer bottles and cans can explode if left in the freezer too long.

3. Canned Goods

Canned Goods
Cans can rupture in the freezer, causing the food inside to go bad.

Canned goods have the same problem as eggs. The liquid inside expands and punctures the can. Not only can bacteria get inside, but also the jagged metal can cut you, according to Delish.

4. Coffee

If you put coffee in the freezer, the thawing process will cause it to lose flavor.

Freezing coffee grounds and beans will not make them last longer. In fact, the constant freezing and thawing will rob coffee of its flavor, according to the folks at Epicurious

5. Fried Food

Fried Food
Fried food will turn to mush in the freezer.

You can’t turn back the clock. After food has been fried, it’s a countdown to mush. Putting it in the freezer will just make it worse.

6. Yogurt

Yogurt will separate if you put it in the freeze, then thaw it to eat.

If you put regular yogurt in the freezer, the water and fats are going to separate, causing the milk component of the yogurt to curdle when it thaws, according to Delish

7. Batteries

Condensation in your freezer can corrode batteries.

Duracell recommends that you do not put your batteries in the freezer. The condensation that builds up in your freezer may corrode your batteries.

8. Tights

Any benefits from putting pantyhose into the freezer go away when you put them on.

Some older literature suggests putting tights and pantyhoses in the freezer to prevent runs. In theory, chilling fabric causes the fibers to bunch closer together, making the overall item stronger. However, unless you work in freezer, that affect would disappear after a few minutes of putting your tights on.

9. Denim Jeans

Jeans in a the freezer is not a great idea.

There’s a myth out there that putting your jeans in the freezer will clean them. The problem with that is the bacteria that cause odor only go dormant when chilled. Once the jeans get warm, they’ll start to smell again. Instead, trying washing them.


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