We are a nation of kill joys.This man has been caught because he violated the law of the land.


Kite flying used to be a game of common man. In few rupees kids would buy the kite and the string and would enjoy. But then, as corruption infested every field of life, kite flying was no exception. 
People in order to win the competitions of kite flying, started using metallic wires as strings. Now these metallic wires when fell on the high tension wires, started disrupting the power supply. Transformers and ultimately grid stations got damaged.

Secondly, people only to win, by hook or by crook, started using prohibited chemicals to sharpen the string. Now pedestrians and motorcyclists and cyclists started getting injured, many of them even lost their lives.
Finally, the courts had to intervene. And the government put restrictions and the centuries old seasonal and cultural event came to an end.

Happy but feeling sad in #Marta in Paris when a saw this picture !! They arrested a #kitemaker!

I wish when I was in #Sukkur I had so many kites and Manjhas! I would not have left Sukkur and spent all my life flying kites ! Even in #Paris in Marta my heart goes out to the guy. Just called a friend of mine to see if this kid can be released ! Everyone wanted to fly.

Shame on you #Baghbanpurapolice to hurt people like this ! Go fly kites! Don’t forget to enjoy the daily little pleasures that is life greater pleasures are rare !!

The Government should make laws to restrict there places and types of strings rather than outlaw kite flying as a whole. The fun police doing what they are told to do, you can see the sadness in all their eyes it’s a sad sad world. – Iqbal Latif


Mediabites Editorial – Shoaib Naqvi (Special thanks to: Iqbal Latif & Wasif Rasheed)


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