Stop putting victim and perpetrator on the same pedestal. Think of Fariha as a daughter a mother a sister!


Think of Fariha as a daughter a mother a sister! It should have been Fariha funeral all these bigwigs should have gone.

Rest in peace ✌️ but let me say my requiem !!Minister Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani – who remembers him and his jirga handing over of five girls — Aamna, 5, Bashiran, 2, (daughters of Rahmatullah), Shehzadi, 6, Meerzadi, 2, (daughters of Hafeezullah) and Noor Bano, 3, (daughter of Yar Ali) — to the family of the murdered man as compensation?? They have two lives one in their village other in once in 5 years trip to Paris or London or the district across the Clifton bridge. We are people with complex we consider death as a cleansing moment – the fact remains if you die killing people it is not a fair ask!

A murderer does not become a victim if he ends an innocent life and ends his own! This is neither an end to a long inning nor leaves an impression. The issue I want to highlight is that we are forgetting the victim – as the entire Sind government descends to pray for his departed soul no one thinks that he murdered in cold blood his absolutely awesome hardworking wife. Read about her career.

We are a bunch of suckers nothing more, we are cowards unable to speak the truth :

‘If Hitler had by chance won the war, history would have paid him homage and consecrated the hideous pedestal in which he perched. ‘ Camus – ‘The Human Crisis lecture

This is the hypocrisy I highlighting – death should be honorable even hari-kari if it was for good of a nation or a rightful humane cause not to put three bullets one in the head two in the abdomen of fragile women who really every time overlooked his serious shortcomings with fidelity.

He is a murderer and he had no right to do that. This is worst kind of violence one can wreak upon his partner. Fariha faced serious disloyalty and green grass hopping from the gentleman instead of freeing her taking her life was totally callous. He could do whatever he wanted but to kill her because she had her genuine grievances and then treat both victims, in this case, is so unfair.

How can #peace come in living or dead to such an indifferent soul who had little regard for another man? Take off this mask doublefacedness and accept the evil lurking in our own backyard.

Sind is in bondage because these people keep Sind in bondage! After Oxford education to kill a person who was full of fun and love is bestiality. Killing your partner is a humongous crime even if you kill yourself, ordinarily, after this first killing, he would be arrested. Why to glorify a crime committed against a hapless lady of extraordinary character loyalty and class? Women need to be respected – you love her – you disagree you still love her and never hurt or talk about her !!

There is nothing to write about! No change will ever come because none of them believe in any progress of the lesser man.

The story of Karma is all about what you do to others it comes back and bites you hard. Stop this nonsense – these are the very kind of the people who have made people their slaves!

Do you remember?

To put a bullet in Fariha Razzak head was a murderous act, she had two sons! She was an extremely decent woman who had forgiven him for two-timing many times, he was philanderer who had an extreme problem with his 🐍!!

Kari in a full circle the law he practiced turned onto him- but these walking demigods on earth treat everyone else as a lesser being and serf. They have no respect for the life of anyone; for a change, this time was his own yet he made sure he murdered his wife !!

Karma catches up SC had ordered his arrest when he was a federal Minister he and his jirga offered 5 minor girls as compensation in a murder case. The jirga presided over by Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani had ordered the handing over of five minors to the victim’s family and imposed a fine of Rs1 million on both the warring parties to settle a decade-old feud.

The objection ‘In death we should forget’ :

Extraordinary situations need an extraordinary response: Live with humane face and humane considerations so that people can talk humanly about you. Death is not a license of puritan cleansing! That guilt of ours that in death we forget our act gives concession and allowance to others that it is normal to kill and die. You have to reject such vengeful acts and not make it a norm. It is not man the way they are that interests me, it is what they can turn to interests me far more.

@I am Sindhi I endorse this view!

Don’t make every issue a Sindhi or non Sindhi issue! This murder is not about Sindhi non Sindhi it is about a system that has failed us big time.

‘There can be change if there is no change!! ‘ You all are born free how someone can put you in chains in the name of traditions ! Nonsense !!

It is not about being a Sindhi it is about a system that has killed the creativity productivity and compromised the basic freedom of Sindhis by these usurpers ! The feudals and the sardars.

Please I am a Sindhi too – I take pride in Sukkur but I am not going to accept any of these people who are not academically philosophically superior to have any influence on me. They need to know what is work and why things should change in Sind after the 18th amendment – they are usurpers.

The misery poverty inequality and absolute serfdom of Sind needs to be abolished . To be a Sindhi means to me to be free from the influence of fake people.

A self inflicted Death does not clean a murderer from his act! Stop 🛑 acting an idiot. Death does not washes your crimes.

Yes this is 21st century – and this will be destined to thrash of history soon. Privileges based on birth power and guns are not anymore in currency !

We need to get rid of this mindset of slavery ! Don’t vote them in! Create a new leadership based on merit ! We all are the rising consciousness of the world – samurai physical power has been displaced by across the oceans wisdom that travels at the speed of light and destroys the fiefdoms of oppression!!

Why my dad ended up in Sukkur!

After Walton camp assignment in 1951 finished in Lahore, my dad was asked where you want to be posted? He was 61 than and single ; he said’ where no one else wants to go!’

It was Sukkur Panoakil !! Where no one wanted to go! (there was no nice Chowhani there!) Because the temperatures could rise as high as 50degrees!

There were two jails the central and the district. That is where he was posted to take care of the hardest prisoners with 27 waiting for capital punishments. This is the environment he got married and we were later born in Sukkur. That is why we were in Sukkur.

Sind means sacrifice for the people of Sind not stealing from the people. Why Sind is being robbed and why we are keeping quiet 🤫??

PS : Dawn 2007: pl check

The Supreme Court ordered the arrest of 11 members of a jirga, including PPP MNA Mir Hazar Khan Bijarani, for handing over five minor girls to the family of a murdered man as compensation to settle the dispute in Jacobabad.

They are demi-Gods above the law :

A five-membered in 2007 Supreme Court bench comprising Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry, Justice Javed Iqbal, Justice Sardar Mohammad Raza Khan, Justice Faqir Mohammad Khokhar and Justice M. Javed Buttar took up a complaint of a freelance anthropologist Samar Minallah against the handing over of five girls — Aamna, 5, Bashiran, 2, (daughters of Rahmatullah), Shehzadi, 6, Meerzadi, 2, (daughters of Hafeezullah) and Noor Bano, 3, (daughter of Yar Ali) — to the family of the murdered man as compensation.

Sadly – When you play with fire you end up in the fire!


Mediabites Editorial – Courtesy: Mr. Iqbal Latif


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