Lodhran Defeat: Will Imran Khan Learn? And If Yes Then What Will He Learn?


38 years ago a man stood up in Karachi and gave the most logical narrative to a deprived group of people. The narrative being that I will fight for your rights, I will not let you be marginalised. I will finish the inequality. I will abolish the quota system. I will unite you under one banner, the banner of loving pakistan because you people helped create Pakistan. But when he gathered all the right people in masses under this slogan, he did the opposite. He gave all the powers to his cronies who said JEE BHAI to whatever he said. The masses are still waiting 38 years later for another Messiah to arrive.

30 years fast forward. Another man rose up for not just a city like Karachi but the majority of the Pakistani youth. He promised that he will empower the least empowered segment of the nation. The youth. He promised that he would establish the entire system with merit. He envisioned that MAUROOSI SIYASAT will become the thing of the past. He assured that he will bring up the new, raw and uncorrupted talent to the national level to run the affairs of the country. But the moment he gained traction, he gathered all the old, the used, the conniving and the manipulative and politically trained into his camp.

The dreamers of his dreams remained the same, like the dreamers of the Karachi dream, the people, but the Dream Merchants were changed. The Dream Merchants were selling the dreams now to the unsuspecting dreamers. And they were buying it like the ones in Karachi bought it. The one in Karachi gathered the JEE BHAI sayers and the one in Bani Gala gathered the JEE QUAD E AZAM sayers, the Quad E Azam found on the currency bills.

One in Karachi broke the promises along with their will and lifelines. The one in Bani Gala has just broken the dreams of the youth. Senate seats are only for the billionaires. Father retires then the son HAS to be the legal heir to the MNA seat.

I don’t know which one is right. One for sure is a criminal. The other one in Bani Gala is at least not that. And just because he is not a criminal, does he have the right to shatter the dreams of the youth of Pakistan.

What is more dangerous ? To kill a person or to kill a persons’ dreams ? One dies and the other lives in a death like state once his dreams are shattered.


Mediabites Editorial: Mir Mohammad Ali Khan


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