Introducing Italy’s finest Mario’s Pasta with original and authentic Italian taste.


Once upon a time, inthe lush fields ofrural Italy, where rich, golden grains of wheat grow, a native delicacy called Pasta was born. And till date, almost like a folk lore, for generations the story of pasta has held the fascination of the young and the old alike.

For centuries, this ubiquitous staple food of traditional Italian cuisine has tantalised taste buds like no other. By and large, pasta comes in a number of shapes and varieties, with at least 310 specific forms,variably known by over 1300 names. Perhaps very few other foods enjoy such a legendary stature.

And among such legends, again, you’ll come acrossthe story of the famous Mario’s Pasta – the original and authentic Italian taste that never ceases to amaze. Mario’s Pasta comes in a variety of shapes, each adding a unique flavour to your recipes. Each variety of Mario’s pasta is known for its exquisitearoma of wheat, its naturally delicioustaste and colour; a proof of our claim ofbeing Original and Authentic.

Mario’s Pastaisthe result of a rare mix of untainted love and unrestrained passion. In order to maintain the originality of its homeland, our pastais made out of the finest wheat you can find, prepared on the most advanced, state-of-the-art Italian plant.

From picking to packaging our entire process is fully automated, ensuring a hygienic environment, without the intervention of human hands in the production line. So you get nothing but the best of the very best.

The process begins with the extraction of wheat thatis stored in the silo. It moves forward and goes into the dye where the different shapes of pasta are formed, and later it is moved onwardto dry. It then goes into the phase of finalisation, where it is filled up in modern,hygienic packaging and later collectedin a highly maintained storage area. Investment in technology is the key to the growth and success of our business, so that the final product is made to meet your expectations… everytime!    


We focus on health, safety and hygiene of our employees which is why we ensure that the environment provided is at par with global standards, and that their performance never diminishes. The final product is packaged in an appealing modern design that stands out on the retail shelves as well as in your kitchen.

Of course, all such efforts are made to ensure that we bring you the taste we are known for.And that you can enjoy Mario’s Pasta just the way you have always loved it – Original and Authentic!

Here’s what the world of Mario’s Pasta looks like:

Creative Agency: Blitz

Media Agency: Spark (Blitz)

Digital Agency: Spark (Blitz)

Director: Anwar Al Amin (AA Films)

Table Top Studio: 360 FX Milan, Italy

Post: Yellow Bean Post

Vocals: Ali Zafar


Mediabites Editorial – Shoaib Naqvi


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