Success is not limited for few; Some tips to live a successful life


It is true that every one of us has potential to do wonders it is just that people need the true direction and motivation to keep on struggling to achieve the life-goals. Admitting the fact that there is no set defined rules to become successful in life nevertheless some tips can be very helpful in getting life to a perfect track. Following are the few well-thought and experienced ways of living a good, successful life.

1)      One should be very mindful of health because it precedes everything else in life. A healthy lifestyle includes quality sleep, healthy diet and daily physical activity.

2)      It is obvious that short term goals stop the growth and the success graph keeps on going down since achieving small term goals gives false satisfaction that ultimately stops from ‘doing more.’ Hence it is very important to set long-term goals in life and keep working hard.

3)      Successful people understand this fact that life has given equal chance to everyone and they do not waste their time lamenting on their weaknesses instead they live an exciting yet frightening life- as everyone is responsible for what happens in their life.

4)      Most of the time multitasking becomes counterproductive because it does not allow one to keep up the focus on one thing thus one only switches from one task to another, however, they are wasting time only.

5)      To become successful it is also important to realize that some things are up to us and some things are not up to us. This realization enables one to concentrate on the things that are in control. 

Life becomes dull when we dream of extraordinary things but could not convince ourselves to work extraordinarily. It is the misery of human beings that they do not want to step out from their comfort zone yet aspire to achieve ‘big’ goals in life. It ultimately leads to anxieties and other alike situations. That is why somebody said that, “Life starts, where comfort zone ends.”

It feels important here to mention another famous anonymous quote about the strength and potentials of an individual, that is ,”On your last day on earth, the person you become will meet the person you could have become.” Life is all beautiful we just need to prepare ourselves to embrace that happiness. 


MediaBites Editorial: Mudabbir Ali & Imran Malik


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