Sabroso a new food brand; giving a tough competition to the old and famous K&Ns?


The food brand- Sabroso launched its advertising campaign on a huge level, with the punch line ‘The chicken specialist’. And it was creating a big buzz in the market and the campaign became talk of the town, seen in media and observed in different advertising circles. They launched their campaign in a big way by using all communication tools i.e. TV, Print, Outdoor and Digital.

Competition took it really serious as the leading market player, K&Ns felt the threat of becoming undermine thus to keep its position intact K&Ns came forward more convincingly and launched a 360 campaign nation wide with a punchline “100% vegetarian feed”.

So K&Ns now countering the chicken specialists with more healthy chicken who takes only vegetarian feed.
We spoke to some consumers and media experts on this and following are their views:

Rahat said, “K&Ns do not give protein enrich food to their chickens which is a positive sign.”

Shehnaz was of the view that, ” K&Ns have given a new dimension to the food market. I had been using K&Ns and will continue using it.”

 Sabroso has really made a mark in the market and has good product range while some people were annoyed with the name with Sabroso and mentioned that Sabroso name is little confusing they must come up with some simple name. I tried their donut that is very good, kids are loving it.


MediaBites Editorial: Mudabbir Ali & Imran Malik


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