Public Boltee Hai: Mughal Steel new ads broke monotony in the advertising world of Pakistan


Mughal Steel new ad ‘Chatt / Roofs’ has blown a new life in the world of advertising which was hitherto filled with meaningless, financially extravagant and irrelevant to the subject ads. Since last so many years our viewers are very much impressed by Ads made by Indian Directors and the way they execute the concept into visual has no match with Pakistani counterparts. Since last few weeks an ad made by Aura Communications for their prestigious client ‘Mughal Steel’ is in news and Pakistanis are feeling proud of their very own TV Commercial as news say that Indian Filmmakers has copied this time the concept of Pakistani TVC.

Watch Mughal Steel Ad:

Watch Ambuja Cement-Indian Ad:

The recent ads of Mughal Steel have broke the monotony and has set a best example of creativity with a positive message. It has brilliantly modified some popular family activities of walled into a perfect Visual Treat. Following are comments of people on both of the ads:


People seemed to be really happy watching this ad. People expressed their opinion on social media as:

This ad aims at directing our attention to something very nostalgic, in other words this ad encourages one to be daring is your creative thoughts and one has to do the small details while going in production which Aura Communications did in a big way.

The response of public on this ad makes it clear that it would be false to say that people only know to criticize no matter what is the content. People are really concerned of the content and if it is good like Mughal Steel people do not lag behind appreciating it.


Mediabites Editorial – Shoaib Naqvi


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