Newsweek Pakistan's editor & board member of LLF creates chaos on social media over his insensitive tweets about child abuse


Newsweek Pakistan’s editor, Fasih Ahmed’s recent opinions after Zainab’s killer, Imran got arrested have created a lot of chaos on Twitter.
Being someone who is responsible for running a renowned local publication as well as the Lahore Literary Festival, Fasih’s outrageous jokes about rape and child sexual abuse on his Twitter have angered millions of followers, thus facing a constant backlash. 

Following is series of insensitive tweets by editor-in-chief Newsweek Pakistan:

Seeing how casually he was addressing the epidemic of rape and child sexual abuse prevailing in Pakistan, followers immediately began to express their disgust for his outrageous views.

Followed by this, people started to question his credibility as the editor at the Newsweek Pakistan and are now demanding Newsweek to fire him.

Some still tried to give him a benefit of doubt and thought that maybe his account was being operated by some pathetic misogynist.

While others took the opportunity to report his account to Twitter so that they can take an immediate action against him.

However, Fasih Ahmed is still replying calmly to his haters and has no regret whatsoever about the demeaning opinions he expressed about the intensity of rape and child sexual abuse in Pakistan.

Angered at his audacity to not even accept that he said anything wrong, followers replied:

Fasih Ahmed is someone who has been representing Pakistan through his work in major international publications like The Wall Street JournalNewsweek International, along with being the inaugural Daniel Pearl Fellow. However, being at such a high position doesn’t mean that it justifies saying vile things about such a delicate issue that has already shaken the entire nation.

It is disgusting to see that people with such a disgusting mentality are allowed to be at such respectable positions. Newsweek needs to take notice of this entire situation and take an appropriate action because no matter who you are, joking about rape and child sexual abuse doesn’t make you edgier than others.


Mediabites Editorial – Shoaib Naqvi


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