McDonald’s Pakistan Goes All Desi with the launch of McDonald’s Chicken Chapli Burger


From the surprising social media stunt of going all Urdu a week before their new desi product launch to activating an on ground fun W-11 ride, McDonald’s Pakistan has truly embraced the spirit and culture of Pakistan with the launch of its new desi product line.

The hot new menu item; Chicken Chapli burger is definitely a pleasant surprise for all the desi spicy food lovers. It has the right punch, spice and desi flavor that will tantalize your taste buds, leaving you to say I’m lovin’ it.

As popularly known, Chapli is originally a Pakhtoon dish which dates back toNorth Western India. The word chapli is derived from Pashto word, Chaprikhwhich means flat, hence a flat round kabab.

We are extremely thrilled to try this new burger out and share our review. Do drop in your comments and share your feedback with us if you have tried this beautiful looking burger that comes with the special tempting mint sauce.


MediaBites Editorial – Shoaib Naqvi


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