Here is all one needs to learn about making effective resolutions for the year 2018


Finally it is New Year, which would be incomplete without making new year’s resolutions. In order to have improved health and wellness, making healthy resolutions and then following them is important to see a tangible positive change. Change being the only constant thing in life needs to be incorporated in our daily routines from this year onwards. But never make resolutions only to please your peeps because that will eventually lead you to failure. Your new year goals should be S.M.A.R.T., specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.

Here we are presenting some tips to help you make effective resolutions:

Begin with small steps- Incorporate in your life little habits that can make you a better person. Smile at everyone you see. Every morning give free hugs, to your parents, pets, roommates. At least spend 30 minutes with nature. Write diary everyday. Forgive and forget. Drink water excessively. Avoid sodas. Get rid of your mobile at least an hour before you go to sleep. Similarly do not check your mobile immediately after you wake up. Thank God for all his blessings. At least once in a month go for digital detox.

Having fun in whatever you do is really important. At times your health and fitness resolutions end up in boring routines but this is where your creativity will come in handy. Start dancing. Invite your friends to your place and dance together. Or you may go for swimming and bike riding together. Diet, on the other hand is a beast to be tamed. But do not you worry, it can be easily tamed by turning your kitchen into master chef kitchen. Be a master chef and invent some beautiful delicious dishes from a few essential ingredients from your diet plan.

Always treat yourself whether its after exercise or after following a diet plan because your body has every right to feel happy and be happy. One of the ways to treat yourself is to buy new and better equipped kitchen appliances so that you will be able to make more stuff at home with ease; tools that you can use for outdoor cooking. Or you can buy an exercise kit and can make your own personal tiny gym at home.

Do not rush but instead be consistent. Not smoking for a month and be chain smoker for the rest of the 11 months will lead you nowhere. Do not be so hard on yourself. You cant change habits in a moment, it takes time to change so be patient. How about reducing the number of cigarettes that you smoke throughout the year. And same goes with sweets, soda drinks, fried food. Do not aim for short term changes but long term and consistent changes.

Last but not the least is the idea of doing whatever interests you and you want to do. If you know that this particular routine will help you to follow a healthy diet and fitness plans, then go for it. Hold the steering wheels of your life in your own hands rather than following other people’s instructions. You are the better judge of your health.

After all health and wellness is all that matters at the end so why not start working on them right away.  Team MediaBites wishes you all Best of luck for a healthy year ahead.


MediaBites Editorial: Mudabbir ALI & Imran Malik


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