Dear CM Punjab, This Should Be Your Statement Instead Of Gloating With Joy. #Mir MAK


“ I am sorry to the people of Punjab and specially to the parents of those 8 girls who were raped and murdered. I am sorry that we were unable to save those lives. I am sorry as a CM because I take all the credit for everything good in Punjab so it becomes my moral obligation to take the blame as well. I am sorry that all the technology I boast about, all the forensic facilities I praise, all failed to catch this guy who was responsible for the murder of all these girls, earlier. I am sorry to the people of Punjab that my niece Maryam Nawaz is jumping with joy on Twitter issuing statements of congratulations to me that we caught the culprit, but in actuality she should be sorry that we failed 7 times before and this 8th time was our duty to catch him. She should not celebrate this as a happy occasion because it’s rather a wake up call for my government that how much better we need to do and the most painful time for the parents to see the face of the culprit who murdered their daughters ruthlessly.

I am also sorry that those 250 children were sexually abused few years ago in the same city when the racket was unearthed by the media and not the police. I am sorry that had we punished those culprits then, nobody would have dared to do this again in Punjab.

Once again I am sorry that Rana Sanaullah was sitting next to me in the press conference and laughing along with 2 of the other colleagues thinking that the cameras were off but they were on. I am sorry that my ministers are so insensitive.

I will try my best to treat my infrastructure projects with less importance than the human lives of Punjab. I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. I have done good for Punjab, I am Human, I make mistakes and this was a big one. I hope you forgive me and give me a chance to serve you better for the remainder of my time in office.”

Awaiting your forgiveness.

Shehbaz Shareef (Khadam-e-Aala Punjab)

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Mediabites Editorial – Mir Mohammad Ali Khan (MirMAK)


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