BREAKING: Muhammed is rapidly becoming one of the most popular names in Germany


Jonas and Maximilian may soon have to step aside. The name Mohammed is fast-becoming one of the most popular baby boy names in Germany. Since Angela Merkel threw open the borders in 2015, more than a million migrants have arrived in the country.

This population growth has been a factor in the Arabic name’s rapid rise. In less than a decade, it has already shot from 97th place to 26th, Breibart reported. Within three years, Mohammed could rank in the top ten, according to the head of the Society for German Language. 

According to the latest data from the society (Gesellschaft für Deutsche Sprache – GfdS), statistics for 2016 reveal that Mohammed (or Muhammed) rose from 41st place in 2015 to 26th position the following year alone.

However, this does not take into account all the variant spellings, including Mohamad, Mohamed, Mehmet, and more.

If it did, Mohammed would be far higher up the ranking.

An Austrian newspaper, Kronen Zeitung, recently compiled data using all of the variants and discovered that Mohammed rocketed from 5th overall to 3rd most popular name among baby boys born in Vienna, Die Welt reported.

Statistics for baby names in Germany for 2017 are due to be released within the next few months. 

This graphic shows how variations of Mohammed have become more and more popular in the UK since the 1920s

This graphic shows how variations of Mohammed have become more and more popular in the UK since the 1920s

Andrea Ewels, GfdS managing director, said: ‘The development is, of course, related to the wave of immigration.’

She expects Mohammed to be in the top 10 names by 2021 or 2022.

Muhammed was the most popular baby boy name in London, a UK survey revealed last May. 

It was also the second most popular nationwide in Britain. 

The most popular boys’ names in the UK, in order, were Oliver, Muhammed, Noah, Harry, Jack, Charlie, Jacob, George, Ethan and Henry. 

However, Mohammed never quite tops the most popular name for boys in England and Wales because there are so many different ways to spell it.

In 2015, there were 7,361 children born called Mohammed, Muhammed, Mohammad or Mohamed, according to the Office for National Statistics, which would have made it the number one boy’s name if the variations were taken into account. 

In the US, the name Muhammad ranked 352nd in 2016 in terms of popularity, according to the Social Security Administration website.

For 2016, the number of births with name Muhammad was 958, which represents 0.048 percent of total male births that year. 


Mediabites Editorial – Shoaib Naqvi


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