Bottled water firms under the gaze of PFA: Three firms banned


The Punjab Food Authority has banned three firms from production and selling of bottled water. The three firms found complicit of selling unhygienic water are Aqua Fina, Springley and Kinley. According to lab tests the three companies failed to meet the standard of hygiene water production. The lab reports reveal that the sample of all the three companies contained hazardous chemicals unfit for human consumption. The reports reveal that samples also contained microbiological germs, highly unsafe for health. 

The PFA had acquired samples from 14 companies all across the Lahore and sent them to Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial research. The companies include, Kinley, Aqua Fina, Springley, Aqua Safe, Sparkle, Zam Zam, Niamat, Kinz, Murree Sparkletts. The team of PFA informed the three companies to stop selling and production of bottled water and also remove stocks from the market. 
On Saturday representatives from Bottled water companies met with DG PFA Mr Noor Ul Amin Mengal and requested him to remove the ban. The DG directed them not to resume production until the required standards are not met. He said that they had right to appeal against the ban, in which case the available samples and reports will be sent to government. The DG said that if the companies comply with the standards and directions of the PFA they would be allowed to resume selling and production, but if they failed the ban will remain intact and their production space and property will also be sealed. The DG also directed the companies to remove the label of Mineral water from the bottles, as none of the water samples suggested so. 
Mr. Mengal also added that PFA has also acquired samples from the water sources of all the public and private hospitals and their lab results are awaiting. 
MediaBites Editorial: Mudabbir Ali & Imran Malik


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