Bill Gates makes history: First guest editor in the 94-year history of the TIME magazine


The veteran Bill Gates, apart from being an accomplished businessman, philanthropist and creative individual, now comes out as an editor of worlds leading Times magazine. He first appeared on the cover of Times magazine back in April 1984 and after that it has all been an upward journey for the man.

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Apart from commanding one of worlds largest entrepreneurial companies, he now comes up as the guest editor of Times magazine after 94 years. Along with his wife Milanda Gates he was featured in the 2005 Times cover as the worlds richest person as well as a successful philanthropist. 

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In The latest cover series of Times entitled “Influence’s”, Gates is portrayed as the person who signifies the room for Optimism, that too in a world marred by crisis, poverty and inequality. Gates not only runs one of the leading business ventures of the world Microsoft, but also serves a great philanthropist, dedicating his energy and efforts to resolve the bigger issues of world like Climate Change, Hunger and poverty. 
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