An Emerging English Poet Noor Ur Rehman's Poem: Time and Again


Noor Ur Rehman is a fresh graduate from GCU who has a keen interest in literature and poetry.  In a quite short period of time, he has composed a collection of poems which is to be published yet. Here is one of his poems, which shows various aspects of a young man’s life.

Time and Again

Time has left without taking along its shoes
While clocks swarm around my heart like flies
Screaming the erased-away guilt into my ears
How past burns like cloth around our soul and skin
Which steel-nails cannot separate
despite tries

Love and dreams, breaks and regrets, denial and nightmares
Each stranger corrupt us like a room in a cheap hotel
Before soon across our naked body are left marks and stains
Who can unweave the thread years coil around us?

However, tomorrow

I must dress myself in rainbow hopes
visit strange places and Smile back at sad faces
Linger for the noon in library and dream
Meet the woman with candle flames burning in her eyes
And let her escort me from misery’s pond
Stay awake all night walking
All owl-souled over dry apple leaves
In garden
Rhyme the thump of my heart with the splashing of my feet
and feel
How each moment falls like a drop into night’s bucket.


MeidaBites Editorial: Mudabbir Ali & Imran Malik

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