ALARMING: Neither Zainab nor Brekhna are safe here


This 20 years Brekhna was killed in Peshawar yesterday, heard her father was slaughtered in front of her before she was killed. Her and her father’s murder is as outrageous as any other murder. Our society shouldn’t be an unsafe place for vulnerable but unfortunately IT IS.

When international reports mention Pakistan as one of the most unsafe places for women on earth, the gherat Brigade comes into action against such reports instead of looking into what this country has become. The State remains indifferent because of course its a patriarchal state, it seems to have no interest in protecting the vulnerable.

The policy makers and law enforcing agencies are manifestation of toxic masculinities.The idea of protection and security is only understood in terms of border security- human security is an alien concept for the state. Neither Zainab nor Brekhna are safe here. 

Mediabites Editorial – Mudabbar Ali


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