By Hira Furrukh

He said, “Allah O’ Akbar” as he entered the building, wearing a turban and flaunting his typical long beard. Almost everyone who could rush out of the building, while others jumped off their seats and stood frozen in panic. Later on, everyone realized that he meant ‘Allah is Great’ and not what people have begun to perceive of this phrase. After all, he did not explode! But we cannot deny that “Allah O’ Akbar” has become the most misunderstood phrase that fills us with dread. Simply because we fear something tragic is bound to follow.

If you are someone who doesn’t understand sarcasm, and thinks that I am being rude, then I must clear that it bleeds my heart when I see I hate it as much as you do how our religion is targeted in this nonsense written, produced and directed by various agencies.

Aur mujhe aj tuk ye samjhnaiayi k is sekisi ko akhir mil kya gya hai! World population tau aye dinbarhti he chalijarahi ha. “Tum kitnebuchaymaro gay, her gharsedair crore buchaaurniklayga!”

Let’s get into the mind of a terrorist first and see what they get out of it.

1. Janat ke horain
It’s an established fact now. Come on! You can’t deny their sacrifices. Who wouldn’t want to blast themselves if the incentive is as huge as meeting up with 72 “Hoors” in paradise? It’s ok if they kill few of us! It’s ok if later our families have to take our decapitated bodies back in shopping bags! It’s ok if some of our spare parts are lost in the tragic accident! It’s ok if we end up in hell!

Our problem is that we only think of ourselves. Stop being selfish! At least somebody is taking a flight to heaven. Think positive!

2. Money
The point here is actually pointless, and this very point confuses me a lot since I fail to understand. What good is that money for them or even to their families when they won’t be able to enjoy the luxury of the life in this world? Nobody can drive BMW or live in a palace without their head attached to their neck (let alone other parts of the body.)

“Oh, I am so sorry I completely forgot that the luxury of this world is nothing compared to what they will get in paradise, which is waiting for them with arms wide open”.

“Tau ager phatna ha tau khud k paise se phato na humara paisa haram k ha kya?”

3. Education
Education is a nightmare to them. ”Na hum khud parhain gay na kisi ko parne dain gay”.

Jahalat is one way in which they pursue their careers. The more jahil you are, the more are your chances of getting highest place in Jannah ‘AKA ignorance is bliss’. After all, education makes you use your brain, which is Astagfirulah Haram.

4. Women
Astaghfaar, eish haza!!?? Qulloharam!

5. Values

My values and understanding about this world, and the Holy Quran and Islam, and women, and life and food, and humans and animals, and need and wants and everything which exists around me are absolutely flawless while yours are haram. YOBO – YOU ONLY BLAST ONCE!

6. Career
If you are an artist, musician, scientist or anyone who belongs to any other field, which does not allow you to carry a bomb, look down on society especially the women, or have any kind of moral values than you are certainly doing something which is unacceptable, you are a great offender to them. They will find you and kill you!

If you try to dig deeper into their minds you will find nothing but a default setting to which there is no reset button and no system upgradation option. No, don’t even try logic here because that would make sense and making sense is just nonsense in their world.

Once a brain of a terrorist was sent to a lab for examination, these were its last words – YOBO, YOU ONLY BLAST ONCE! The brain exploded and went straight to the so called Jannah of terrorists, where it lived happily ever after.